Animation: 11 Second Club 2/2012

This was my intended entry for February, but unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it. It’s still kind of unfinished. I had a scene planned out for the end that I had to skip due to time and schedule. The scenes aren’t cohesive. Her reaction was delayed in one scene. Her movements in the second to last scene needs fixing. The emotions are incongruent. Overall, I like it though =)

Forsaken One Progress

I first did a very fast little doodle on scrap paper.

I scanned the doodle and refined the lines a little.

I blocked in some colors and lined out the hair and horns. I also tried to sculpt the face. I redid it a LOT. Faces are hard lol.

Just kept painting on the background and character. I added blue light sources to the background. I shaped out the rockbed. Her hair and horns a mostly done.

I added a lot of details and the background is mostly finished.

Tah-dah! I spent a couple of sleepless nights on this. It was mostly worth it. At least I got a lot of practice on semi-realism ^_^

❤ Fusui