Animation: 11 Second Club 2/2012

This was my intended entry for February, but unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it. It’s still kind of unfinished. I had a scene planned out for the end that I had to skip due to time and schedule. The scenes aren’t cohesive. Her reaction was delayed in one scene. Her movements in the second to last scene needs fixing. The emotions are incongruent. Overall, I like it though =)

Animation: 11 Second Club 3/2012 WIP pt.1

I joined the 11 Second Club. Fun stuff. I did an entry for 2/2012, but unfortunately didn’t finish on time TT__TT . This is my WIP so far for 3/2012.

There’s still a lot to do. I have a few more lines to animate and I need to do facial movements, emotions, and lip synching. But hopefully I’ll finish by the end of this month ^_^

Here’s a rendered pic to give an idea of how it will look fully rendered.

I think I need to lighten it up a little because the face is hard to see.