Animation: 11 Second Club 2/2012

This was my intended entry for February, but unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it. It’s still kind of unfinished. I had a scene planned out for the end that I had to skip due to time and schedule. The scenes aren’t cohesive. Her reaction was delayed in one scene. Her movements in the second to last scene needs fixing. The emotions are incongruent. Overall, I like it though =)

Super Specific Project

This was my project for a gallery show on 4/13/2011.

It takes in the pitch, tone, speed, and volume of your voice, translates it into corresponding piano notes and lets your voice control the projected painting.

I wanted people to talk into it, not sing. Singing would defeat the purpose. I wanted people to see that even by merely talking, there is music to be heard.

My patch for Max Msp.

❤ Fusui