Commission Work: Severflame Pt. 1

Just some progression shots of the drawing I’m working on at the moment.
Seriously considering stopping commissions for a while due to the animation project I want to complete for my final, final, final school project.

I hate doing the lines the most. It’s so tedious to look after the precision and the clean up >_< . I hate it oh, so very much! But at least the lines here turned out relatively good. I like the poses. My favorite part has got to be the shading/coloring.

I’m hoping to get this done soon ^_^ .

On what’s going on in my life…just been contemplating on moving out. I want to, but the money is always a question. But I need to get out of my moldy environment and I need to get away from the family… overall it should be a good thing. Got a full time job with benefits. That’s good (^_^)/ I like benefits. On another note, did you know that on average, Europeans get about 34-35 days of vacation a year? Americans only get about 14. I VANT MORE DAYS OFF. Lol.

School’s good. I have good ideas for my senior project. The problem is the time…and money…and level of skill…….well, if I believe I can do it, I will do it! Woot!

…….. =_= wish me luck.

❤ Fusui

I stuck a new picture in the two windows at the top of this blog.
It’s a picture I took at the beach of the sunrise. Or at least, the sand part.
I just thought it looked puuurrrrtttyyyy.

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